Per Sister’s request, here is my “first day of school” picture:


My lunch box and backpack are on the counter. Sorry! It was hard enough getting to that exact spot after hitting the self-timer on the camera. This picture also includes evidence of my extreme amount of storage space. I LOVE storage space. It’s something we don’t experience in our apartment. Maybe I should store our canned goods at school…

The first day was exciting. I can definitely say that I prefer week 2. It’s just nice to be in a routine, and know the students a little better. You know, the “student surveys” are outta the way…and, after reading through them I’ve found that we’re nice and personal now. Below the surface. BFF’s. Okay, okay, we’re still really getting to know one another. I sat down today to try and pick out a book for each student that I thought they would really enjoy; all based on what I know about them. I’m excited to see if they’ll like my recommendations.

They like to play Red Rover, Four Corners, and Heads Up 7-Up. I like it, too.