It was officially fall when I received a Starbucks gift card in the mail specifically directing me to purchase a Pumpkin Spice Latte with the money. …Nooooo problem-o! (And major thanks to Miss Lauren for that one!) Then, on my way into the produce section of Publix I passed by the box o’cinnamon brooms. One of those babies sat on our front porch for three months once. No lie. I can honestly say it smelled just as strong on day 90 as it did on day 1. The “Fall kicker” though was the OPI nailpolish purchase: Black Cat-cha Later. Very appropriate since Holla, my roommate, is the one who bought it for me.


Mostly, I’m pumped about road trip USA. Okay, road trip SE…but, it’s still going to be sweet. Hopefully there will be some changing leaves along with the rain I’ll see as I pass through Georg-i-a and in and out of Starbucks drive thrus on the drive up I-75. Bring on the fall!

What is it that makes it officially feel like fall for you?