A random fact about me is that I’m easily amused. I’m not even ashamed of it. I’ll laugh out loud at cartoons any day of the week because it just kills me when Daffy Duck’s beak spins around his little head and he’s forced to yank it back to the front of his face. What a quack! (You love it.) So, understanding this, it should come as no surprise to you when I share my amusement of building a fort in my bedroom. It wasn’t planned, the simple things never are. I was just washing my comforter, needed a place to dry it, and it just happened to me!


Then, on the way to school a few days ago I witnessed the most beautiful sunrise! It was amazing, yet simple.


The most amusing thing I’ve had the pleasure of seeing in the past weeks has been in my hometown, Port Orange, FL. The businesses there have found it in themselves to make complete idiots out of their employees, much to my amusement. As we pass restaurants along the streets there are hot dogs carrying signs saying “Eat me!” and tacos beckoning to hungry travelers to come inside and enjoy a crunchy snack. I like tacos, and hot dogs even more. The grand prize of all these clever advertising antics goes to The Port Orange Steak House where this clown dressed up as a cowboy and bucked his way up and down the side walk. I’ll tell you what, it sure did make me hungry…


Don’t you want a steak too?