It’s exciting to think of the start of a new year, but it’s more exciting to rest in the thought that each day is new because of the grace and mercy offered to us by our Lord.

The Christmas season was full of friends and family and an overwhelming amount of laughter. Not gonna lie, my abs are a little sore. We played games late into the night, and my parents miraculously slept through it all.

I had a lot of fun wrapping presents. I found this gorgeous light blue wrapping paper, and I tied twigs onto it using raffia.

This past year has been challenging, but rewarding. Completing grad-school, finding a job, making tremendously amazing new friends (and being able to live with two of them!), learning to love a little more and somehow gaining the capabilities to work with kids. Who am I? It’s amazing how we change. Without the church and my dear family I wouldn’t have a means to learn these characteristics or what to do in these specific circumstances. I am truly blessed.