I’m cold!! Not as cold as the coldest place on earth, however (and praise God). Did a little research on Verkhoyansk, Russia and, after taking a minute to defrost from just looking at the pictures, decided that I don’t have it soooo bad. On January 26, 1926, the temperature in this city was recorded as -96.2 °F (-71.2 °C). Now I can only imagine what that feels like, and I actually choose not to even try to go there because it sounds painful. They suggest that you completely cover your skin when going outdoors (but who would even think about stepping foot outside?), and not to wear spectacles because they’ll get stuck on your face. Obviously, someone had a real Dumb and Dumber moment there. Ouch.

It was even too cold here for my flag football stars to show up in the back field by our apartment today. Alas, without their professional (I would be willing to argue that) skills to wow me from my window seat this afternoon I’ve decided to use this time to present to you a wonder. Look what happened in Gainesville!!

I saw this tree after church, around noon while I was just barreling down the road. I immediately made a u-turn and stopped to snap a couple of pictures. “It’s always winter and never Christmas!” Because of this ridiculousness I have chosen not to abandon the cuddle duds. After four days straight of wear I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to ever part with them. I’ve become like Linus and his little blue blanky. But seriously, do I live in Florida??