So I’m going to take that song a little out of context and go ahead and say…I am one proud Brave’s fan! They’re first in the National League and fourth overall. I’m looking to set aside some time in August to go up and see a game with friends. During my spring break in April I was able to travel out to San Francisco and watch them play the Giants. Thankfully, I was there to cheer them on for the game they won in that series!

My good friend, A, and I went to visit my friend from undergrad at UF, who is in med school. She took us around to all of her favorite places…I couldn’t get over the amazing food and never-ending music scene. It was so exciting! Both girls graciously went with me to the Braves game and sat through the cold. Yes, cold. I think it’s Mark Twain who says, “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.” So you can just imagine what spring is like! But, it was all worth it. We saw Tim Linscum receive the Cy Young Award and watched a phenomenal fireworks display after watching the sunset over the San Francisco Bay.

We biked over the Golden Gate Bridge and spent a lot of time wandering around the Wharf.

Spent some really good quality time with my Rooms! and I even had the pleasure of seeing the house where Jack Kerouac wrote On the Road. The literary greats that walked these streets have kept me up reading some really great books! It was a great place to celebrate some major wins. 🙂 Go Braves!