I heard this amazing song on the radio today by JJ Heller and rushed home to find it on iTunes. Turns out, the entire album is amazing. She has a Feist/Regina Spektor feel, which the girly side of me loves. But many of the influences she lists are my favorite artists as well: Bob Dylan, Switchfoot, Allison Krauss, Ray LaMontagne. U2, Norah Jones…okay, there weren’t many that she listed on her MySpace page that I don’t like…okay, not a single one. You get the idea.
This song Your Hands is the one I heard on the radio. I love the reminder in the first stanza that I patiently lie in wait, hopeful that my prayers will be answered by my Savior. He is to return and set all things right. Lately, I have been reading through Matthew, stories of Jesus preaching Good News to the poor, binding up the broken hearted, and proclaiming freedom for the captives. The message of the Gospel is for me, my brokenness. He holds me in His hands. Heaven Stands.