from pookster43 on flickr

Cyanotype sunprints are a photographic printing process that doesn’t use a camera. Instead, you place objects on the paper and then expose it to the sun. After just a few minutes, the image is captured on the paper. You simply rinse it in water for a short time, and then lay it out to dry. There are more examples and creative ideas on the Sunprints website.

I remember creating these fun prints when I was in preschool. My classmates and I put our favorite objects from the playground on them. You know, mulch, weeds (that masquerade as flowers), and leaves from the oak trees. Hmm…that makes me miss A Child’s Place.

So, after being nostalgic for a time and getting some inspiration online, I set out to make my own. There’s an extremely large blank space above my TV that is beginning to get on my nerves…

I used eight 8×10 sheets of cyanotype paper for this project. The paper was laid out in two rows of four (as it is displayed in the final picture) on a large piece of cardboard. I found a great branch from a tree outside of my apartment and laid that across the photopaper. Then, I laid the glass from the frame I was going to put them in on top. This helped to get rid of the shadows and ensure a good image transfer. After rinsing the sheets off, I let them dry out in the sun. They curled up, so it probably wasn’t the best idea, but I didn’t have anywhere to hang them…

Then, I arranged the paper in the frame again. The final product looks a lot like a window frame because of the spacing between the pictures. I really love it!