I have had such a difficult time trying to put my last trip to Haiti in words. After making several attempts to write this out, I thought I would just share parts of the journal I kept while I was there. Now, mind you, I’m not a very good writer, and I’m definitely not the best at journaling, so please bear with me as you read this. When I write, especially in my journal, I’m never sure anyone will read it, so I just write; whatever I’m thinking, however I want to say it. Just get it out there. That’s actually what I encourage my students to do, as well. There’s always time to go back, edit, and create another draft. But what you’re getting here, is the first draft; the journal. I never erase in my journals, or cross anything out. It’s more of a stream of consciousness.

Now, I say all of that, to say this…you might not be able to follow what I’ve written, but I hope it helps you to get a better idea of what it’s like there. It can’t be summed up in just a few words. I have to share the stories for you to get a better understanding. And even then, you need to experience it for yourself in order to really grasp what it’s like. If you ever have the opportunity (and that will be up to you to make that opportunity come about) take it. Just go. It won’t be easy. In fact, it will probably be the hardest thing you’ve ever done in your life, but go any way.

Please don’t be turned off by the difficulty of it all, or from any of my stories. As hard as it is, it’s also rewarding. I will most definitely travel and do this again. I hope you have a better picture of what it’s like from these entries. I will share a new one every few days.



We arrived in Haiti today and drove to the Canaan Christian Community. I’m amazed at the very little change the people of Port-au-Prince have seen. It’s as if the earthquake had just occurred, not a year and half prior to our visit.

The facility we are staying in is about an hour outside of the capital. I’m amazed at how much it’s like CrossRoads. They really have created an oasis of believers here. We watched the childrens’ award ceremony in the church. School ended for them just a few days ago.

I feel much more at ease coming to Haiti this time than I did last year. Maybe I really did experience some culture shock. I’m so thankful I’m adjusting better this time.

I definitely have some high expectations for this trip. My prayer is to experience and really see God’s work among the people (Phil 4:6-7). I also pray I might see some tangible ways to serve and help them without hurting them. My final desire is to gain some wisdom in ways we might be able to do things with The Delmas Project.

I pray to work alongside the people here because God is clearly already at work.

*Photographs courtesy of Chad Grindstaff (he’s awesome).