Days 2 & 3


Saturday and Sunday are days of rest here at Canaan. Yesterday we hiked six miles to a spring.

It was quite an ordeal because Chad had an asthma attack. The Haitians prayed over him and sang a few praise songs. It was really quite beautiful. They care. These people just gathered around us, partly because they were curious, but also because they were concerned. People in America wouldn’t bother to do something like that. I know this because I see poor and hurting people on the streets all the time and no one bothers to help them.

That tree is a breadfruit tree. It’s delicious and tastes like potatoes.

Today we had church. The whole Canaan Community met in the hottest building on the planet.

Part way through the service the fans came on. Praise God! Before church we had Sunday school outside on the basketball court, and Erin shared the story about David and Goliath.

God prepared David by sending lions and bears to him while he guarded the sheep. It’s amazing that David saw those scary events as the Lord preparing him to fight. I think it would have made me mad. Why would God want me to face potential death? But I guess he sometimes does. Good comes from everything, and look what happened to David in the end. He’s one of the most influential kings we’ve ever seen.

I feel like the Lord has given me several moments and big events in my life that have prepared me for where I am now. Even now, teaching in the public school is preparing me for something else. I’m content with where I am, but I know there will be a next step. I’m ready to see exactly what that will be.

The class I had last year is the reason I am at Oak View. They’re the reason the Lord wanted me to be a teacher.  I am eager to see what he has purposed for me in the upcoming year.

After church we went to the beach. The water is so beautiful! Everyone enjoyed treading water. I’m not sure how everyone seems to be so good at that though. It wears me out! Weakling…I know. Many of the kids chased crabs, did back flips off of rocks, played checkers, and took naps. I loved sitting and watching everyone, listening to them chatter in Creole. It was so peaceful.