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I was blessed to spend some time in Kenya, Africa this summer with my parents. We held a retreat for missionaries living in the eastern region of the continent. My mom and I led Vacation Bible School for the third through fifth graders, which mostly served to ingrain some very catchy kids’ tunes in my head. The kids were so sweet and shared some amazing stories that usually began with, “One time, when I was being chased by baboons…” I loved it!

I was thankful for how appreciative they were of our time. It was good to see so many different personalities and cultures coming together for the same purpose. They were just normal people, doing a big work that only God could prepare them for. It was a blessing to be part of that, even for a short time.

We enjoyed a safari at the end, too. We saw so many elephants as we traveled around the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro!