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I have really enjoyed walking around my neighborhood lately. There are so many little places to go and enjoy. This picture is of the sidewalk behind my place where I always begin my run. One thing I love about this sidewalk is the miles of the tree-lined paths it connects to. Way more than I can run at one time, that’s for sure!


Frequently, there will be live bands, which always draw a crowd. It is so entertaining to people watch on these nights. You should definitely come out and visit if you’re ever nearby!

I know these things are simple, but they are major reasons why I don’t want to leave this town. Part of me thinks it would be wonderful to try something new, but the other part of me knows that I wouldn’t be able to find anything that compares to what I already have. That sounds contrary to what most young, single women think. Maybe I’m scared, but maybe I really do have a good thing here…I’m thankful for it, that’s for sure.