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I was first introduced to Spoken Word Poetry about two years ago when Jamie Tworkowski mentioned it once on twitter. Later, I heard a number of students perform it in a “Poetry Slam” at a teacher’s writing conference in Orlando. It reads more like prose, with but with a definite rhythm. Of course, there is beautiful similes and metaphors sprinkled throughout. Most importantly, it is intended to be “spoken” aloud for an audience.

My favorite poem I have heard was performed at TED Conference by Sarah Kay. I had not watched this video for about a year, but it came to mind during two different conversations this week. I was able to share it with one close friend and one complete stranger. They both loved it, and I thought you might enjoy hearing it, too.

Sarah Kay’s performance of “If I Should Have a Daughter” is in the first three minutes of the video. If you are interested, you can also watch her lecture at the conference. It’s a little lengthy, but very interesting. Let me know what you think!