The Girl Behind the Posts

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am currently in my fifth year working as a fourth grade reading teacher in my hometown of Daytona Beach, FL. As I require my students to write (much to their disappointment), I felt that it was only fair that I practice my writing, as well. Thus, the birth of this blog.

Since then, it has developed into a little more than just a writing practice place. I have recently received a new camera and started dabbling in the art of making subjects appear more lovely than they are. It’s fun! But, I confess I am definitely just learning. (The teacher becomes the student! Who would have thought?)

I also have resolved to host more friends at my home this year. Cooking is one of my favorite past times, as well as community. So, I put the two together, take some pictures of the whole affair and use that as my material for my writing practice. This blog is a culmination of many things that I love.

The name Flowers Better Dressed comes from artist Jon Foreman’s song, “Your Love is Strong.” The lyrics are derived from Matthew 6, beginning with the The Lord’s Prayer, then followed by a command not to be anxious. I drew my inspiration for the title from the lines:

I look at the meadow
And stare at the flowers
Better dressed than any girl
On her wedding day

It reminds me that, no matter what I have (or don’t have), I am clothed in the Lord’s righteousness. He has given me all that I need and if He has given so much care for the flowers, how much more will He care for me?

It’s hard to remember that promise day in and day out, but I hope these pieces inspire you to do so. I have really enjoyed the time I have spent writing them!

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